In SPAIN: PRE breeder, horse training-centre with private stables.

  • Burocratic department for processing of official documents with ANCCE, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Customs, etc...
  • Veterinary for pre-purchase check-up, digital X-rays, blood-analysis, etc.
  • Farrier.
  • Qualified stallions for breeding.
  • National, International and Intercontinental transport.
  • Quarantine-centre.
  • All-in export service, specialized in Asian, Arabian and south American countries.

En HOLANDA: personal nativo cualificado


  • Recogida del aeropuerto o hotel.
  • Recorrido por las yeguadas de Frisones.
  • Veterinario para chequeo pre-compra, con o sin rayos-X, analitica de sangre
  • Sementales disponibles para preñar las yeguas.
  • Transporte puerta a puerta, entrega en domicilio.




Tel:+34 652982611