A great variety of Andalusian and Friesian -stallions, geldings, mares and foals- exist: they can be used for many different purposes.
Existe una gran variedad de caballos PRE, PSL y Frisones, -sementales, castrados, yeguas y potros-: y pueden ser utilizados para distintos propósitos

So to begin: One must have made up one’s mind as to what type of horse is to be looked for.    
Osea que para empezar, uno debe de tener muy claro que clase de caballo esta buscando.
The characteristics of the horse you are searching, are very useful for us to help you to find the right horse: f.e. Breed, Sex, Age, Height, Colour, Bloodlines, Temperament, Type of conformation and movement.     
Conocer las caracteristicas del caballo que esta buscando es muy útil para nosotros, asi podemos asesorarle para encontrar el caballo apropiado: raza, sexo, edad, alzada, capa, linea sanguínea, temperamento, funcionalidad y morfologia.    

What the horse is going to be used for : breeding, leisure riding, carriage, competition or exhibition - shows.
Para que se va utilizar el caballo: cria, paseo, carruaje, competición u exhibición.
Also indicate to what country the horse is to be exported, as the sanitary regulations vary for each country outside the European Economic Community. Thus we must make sure that the horse can enter your country, before you decide to purchase.


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